Chess UI Database

Yesterday, I launched a new chess database site. It is a companion site to and it is a passion project!

I has taken years to get to this point. From collecting the data to deciding the database that will run it (mySQL) to determining the main feature set, ingesting data and validating the games. The work has been long but at each turn I’ve gotten more excited about the way things are headed.

The Games

The database has rated games from ELO 2000+ and up to the year 2018. I’ll deploy the current state of the database to see if it holds up in its current state before I load up even more games. There’s over a million games of top level players from all over the world. The games span the gamut of openings and I have a page where you can visualize the most popular openings. Its not a big surprise to see a lot of popular openings have a large ratio of draws and generally a lot of openings favoring white. You can also find openings favoring black.


The main way to interact with the database is to see a listing of games available for a particular ECO code. That is the main organizational structure of the data and the display of the data. You can also search by player name. Searching for a specific player is still quite slow. Though this feature is released, please be patient as I work to determine the level of interest on the database and the level of hardware upgrades needed to boost the performance.

Future plans and Donations

I hope this project picks up and if it does I will continue to add features and improve performance. I do accept donations to help finance performance enhancements. Please visit the donations page if you are interested in supporting the site!

I hope you enjoy viewing chess games online. I’ve enjoyed working on this project and getting up to this point. Please feel free to send me your feedback and ideas. We’ll see what can be done next.

Did I mention the site is free and all the games are free to browse & search!? Well they are!