Documentary: Behind Taliban Lines

I just watched a PBS Frontline program that shows a day in the life of a Taliban fighter.  This kind of reporting always seemed like an impossible idea, as far as I could tell, but an Afghan reported was contacted by the Taliban to spend some time documenting the war as seen from their side.  I can’t do the program justice but I can tell you that it’s a must-see.  It confirms one of the reasons why this fight is so drawn-out and why it will continue to be that way: fighters come from all kinds of surrounding areas, local villagers will comply with Taliban rather than oppose them, the Taliban can still produce weapons from their previous war, there are muhajedin (bomb-makers and others) trained by al-Quaeda outside of Afghanistan, volunteers keep joining the Taliban ranks.  All of those facts and more can be clearly seen in the Frontline program.  It is a clear reminder that this war cannot continue.  The small victories in the field seem tenuous when the Taliban can produce allies with the locals and with the surrounding nations.

The full program can be seen online here:

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