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On Swimming

As I am about to enter the pool I wonder, as I always do, how the water will feel. Then: “Splash!”  I dive in at the deep end; it’s only 9 feet and I’m quickly at the bottom reaching it with my hands, I then quickly turn and place my feet where my hands were. […]

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BBC’s “Life” vs. Discovery’s “Life”

I couldn’t never come to grips with the fact that BBC & Discovery decided to change the narrator of Life for the American broadcast.  The choice for the American version was Oprah.  Why Oprah? I don’t know.  I know she is extremely capable at a lot of things and her abilities have made her very […]

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Documentary: Behind Taliban Lines

I just watched a PBS Frontline program that shows a day in the life of a Taliban fighter.  This kind of reporting always seemed like an impossible idea, as far as I could tell, but an Afghan reported was contacted by the Taliban to spend some time documenting the war as seen from their side. […]

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I Want to be a Triathlete

I have told many friends that I want to do a triathlon soon. The journey to becoming a triathlete is the main reason why I want to do this. I’ve been out of shape for far too long and its not merely about being “skinny” and fitting into trim cut clothing. I really am out of shape. I can’t run for long during a soccer match and I have overall less stamina than I used to. My life used to be surrounded by sports: soccer, roller skating and recreational biking. That was almost ten years ago; and a slow but sure process began then of my body losing its ability to perform active sports at any high pace. Enough of that.

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